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Техническое руководство по пейджинговому передатчику MOTOROLA NUCLEUS

Environmental Conditions at Intended Installation Site

If the station is to be installed in an environment which is unusually dusty or dirty (and thus does not meet the air quality requirements), the air used to cool the station modules must be treated using appropriate filtering devices. Dust or dirt accumulating on the internal circuit boards and modules is not easily removed, and can cause such malfunctions as overheating and intermittent electrical connections.

The Nucleus Advanced Control station may be installed in any location suitable for electronic communications equipment, provided that the environmental conditions do not exceed the equipment specifications for temperature, humidity, and air quality. These are:

  • Operating Temperature Range:-30°C to +60°C (-22°F to +140°F)

  • Humidity: not to exceed 95% relative humidity @ 50°C

  • Air Quality: For equipment operating in an environmentally controlled environment with the station cage(s) rack mounted, the airborne particulates level must not exceed 25 ug/m3

Equipment Ventilation

Failure to ensure proper ventilation and cooling will void the product warranty if the station fails due to overheating.

The power amplifier and power supply modules are equipped with thermistor-controlled cooling fans that are used to provide forced convection cooling. The air flow is front to back, allowing several station cages to be stacked within a rack or cabinet. When planning the installation, observe the following ventilation guidelines:
  • Customer-supplied cabinets must be equipped with adequate ventilation slots or openings in the front (for air entry) and back (for air to exit). If several station cages are installed in a single cabinet, be sure adequate ventilation in the front and rear of the cabinet exists for proper cooling.
  • All cabinets must have at least 6 inches of open space between the air vents and any walls or other cabinets. When positioning the cabinets be careful that the air intake of one cabinet is not in close proximity to the air exhaust of an adjacent cabinet. This allows adequate air flow for cooling purposes.
  • When multiple cabinets, each equipped with several station cages, are installed in an enclosed area, make sure the ambient temperature of the room does not exceed the recommended maximum operating temperature (-30°C to +60°C/-22°F to +140°F). It is recommended to have air conditioning or other climate control equipment installed to satisfy the environmental requirements
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