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Техническое руководство по пейджинговому передатчику MOTOROLA NUCLEUS

Mounting Procedures (continued)

Any deviation from this procedure may cause injury to the installer or damage to the equipment. Read the entire procedure and understand the installation sequence before beginning the procedure.

Identify the location of each power supply before removing. When reinstalling, the power supplies must be returned to the same location as when the station was received.

Mounting the High Power Station in an EIA Standard 19" Panel Width Motorola Cabinet

The following tools are required to perform this installation procedure:
  • TORX screwdriver, with TX15 and TX30 bits
  • Small adjustable wrench or gas pliers
  • Wire cutters (for cutting tie-wraps)
The following hardware items are supplied with the paging station:
  • Black M6 thread-cutting screws, part no. 0383498N08 (qty. 16)
  • Power supply power cables (ac and/or dc)
It is important to perform the procedures in the indicated sequence. The paging station weighs approximately 105 pounds. If possible, always use two persons to lift and handle the station. Remove the station from the packing kit. If the station is too heavy to lift from the packing carton, lighten the station by removing the two power supply assemblies and the power amplifier from the front of the station as follows:

- Remove Power Supplies —

Step 1. Remove the two TORX screws holding each power supply using a TORX Screwdriver and TX15 bit.

Step 2. Remove the power supplies from the chassis and set aside in a safe location.

Removal of the power amplifier assembly will further lighten the station to facilitate lifting and installing the station in the equipment cabinet. Remove the power amplifier assembly as shown in the following steps.

- Remove Power Amplifier —

Step 1. Place the paging station on a clean work surface.

Step 2. Remove and discard the two shipping screws securing the power amplifier assembly. Use a TORX Screwdriver with TX30 bit and a small wrench or pliers to hold the nut.

Step 3. Pull the power amplifier out from the chassis approximately 5 inches.

Step 4. Disconnect the rf cable located at the right front of the power amplifier.

Step 5. Withdraw the power amplifier the rest of the way from the chassis and set aside in a safe location.
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