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Техническое руководство по пейджинговому передатчику MOTOROLA NUCLEUS

Mounting Procedures (continued)

To ensure proper cooling, locate the station within the cabinet so that that louvers in the cabinet rear door are aligned with the exhaust fans on the fan door. If the station is installed in a non-Motorola cabinet, install the station so that the exhaust fans are aligned with louvers adequate to ensure proper cooling.

— Remove Fan Door / Fan Shroud —

Before the station can be installed in the equipment cabinet, the rear fan shroud must be temporarily removed. The following steps explain this procedure. Refer to Figure 6-10 (shown on next page) for locations of components called out in this procedure.

Step 1. Rotate the two quarter turn fasteners on the rear of the fan door counterclockwise to unlock the fan door.

Step 2. Open the fan door and disconnect the fan cable connector.

Step 3. Remove the fan door by lifting upward until it clears the hinge pins. Set the fan door aside in a safe place.

Step 4. If there is a peripheral bracket assembly installed in the duct, disconnect any cables that would inhibit its removal. Draw a diagram or tag the cables for later reconnection.

Step 5. Remove any installed peripheral bracket by removing two screws securing the bracket. Set screws and bracket aside for later reinstallation.

Step 6. Remove four black screws (two on each side) securing fan shroud to paging station chassis using a TORX screwdriver and TX30 bit. Set screws aside for later reinstallation.

Step 7. Remove the fan shroud from the station chassis by pulling straight outward. Remember the orientation of the shroud for later reinstallation.

— Install Station in Cabinet —

Step 1. Prepare the equipment cabinet rails for station installation by inserting one of the black screws (supplied) into each front rail at the lowermost hole that the station will occupy. Insert screws until the head is approximately 1/8-inch from the rail surface. These screws will assist in positioning and holding the station for mounting.

Step 2. Carefully lift the station and position it in the cabinet so that it is resting on the two screws installed in Step 1.

Step 3. Insert four (two on each side) of the supplied black M6 mounting screws, using a TORX screwdriver and TX30 bit. Do not install any screws within the area which will be occupied by the power amplifier when it is reinstalled. Tighten all mounting screws securely.

Step 4. Reinstall the rear fan shroud to the rear of the station chassis. Be sure all cables are clear before seating the shroud. Be sure door hinge pins are on the left side as viewed from the rear..

Step 5. Fasten the fan shroud duct to the cabinet rails using four of the supplied black M6 mounting screws. Tighten all screws securely.

Step 6. Reinstall the four black screws to secure the fan shroud to the paging station chassis. These screws were removed in Step 6 of Remove Fan Door / Fan Shroud.

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