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Техническое руководство по пейджинговому передатчику MOTOROLA NUCLEUS

Cabinet Installation
Installing 25", 46", 70", and 2-Meter Indoor Cabinets Each cabinet bottom has four (4) mounting holes to allow attachment to the site floor. If installing on a concrete floor, use the cabinet to make a template (using the side of the shipping carton), mark the hole locations, and follow the procedures given for anchoring equipment racks. If installing on a wooden floor, use lag bolts and washers (customer supplied) to secure the cabinet to the floor.
Racking Installation

A fully equipped 8' rack (ten Nucleus Advanced Control standard power paging station cages) weighs approximately 650 lbs (245 kg). Handle with ex-treme care to avoid tipping.

Cement dust from concrete flooring is harmful to electronic equipment and wiring. Make sure that the rack and any colocated equipment are protected prior to drilling holes in the concrete floor. Use a tarpaulin, cloth, or plastic sheeting to cover exposed equipment. (The rack should be already covered with an anti-static bag; do not remove the bag at this time.) Use a vacuum while drilling the holes to minimize the spread of concrete dust. Carefully clean up any ac-cumulated dust and debris from the anchor installation before uncovering the equipment.

In a typical installation, the rack is bolted to a concrete floor to provide stability. The following procedure describes the steps necessary to bolt the rack to a concrete floor. Be sure to check with local authorities to verify that the following procedure conforms to local building codes and regulations before permanently installing the rack.

Step 1. Carefully align the rack at the desired anchoring location.

Step 2. Use the rack mounting foot as a template and mark the location of the six, 3/4“ (1.9 cm) diameter mounting holes. All six anchoring positions must be used.

Step 3. Move the rack aside, drill holes in the concrete floor, and install the mounting anchors (RAM RD-56 anchors recommended) per instructions provided with the anchors. Make sure that the anchors do not come in contact with the reinforcing wire mesh buried in the concrete; the rack must be electrically isolated from any other equipment or materials at the site.

Step 4. Align the rack with the installed anchors and lightly secure the rack to the floor using the proper mounting hardware. Do not tighten the mounting hardware at this time.

Step 5. Check the vertical plumb of the rack. Also check that the top is level. Use shims (flat washers or flat aluminum plates) as necessary under the rack mounting foot to achieve vertical plumb and horizontal level.

Step 6. Tightly secure the rack to the floor anchors making sure that it remains vertically plumb and horizontally level.

Step 7. After all debris is removed and cement dust is cleared away, remove whatever protective covering has been placed on the equipment, including the anti-static bag.

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